Putin pointed to the impotence of Obama, refused to send diplomats of the United States – CNN

The former head of the Moscow Bureau of CNN and a leading expert on Russia Jill Dougherty said the decision of Russian leader Vladimir Putin not to send American diplomats out of the country a real humiliation for the outgoing head of the United States Barack Obama.


According to the analyst, his response, Moscow has shown the us President that his policies doesn’t matter.


Daugherty added that restrained Russia’s reaction to the hostile actions of Washington could signal a new occupant of the White house Donald Trump: “Let’s forget all that and start to work together.”


The Kremlin, refusing reflex action to the actions of the outgoing Obama administration struck a last terrible insult and pointed to the American leader on his political impotence.


Before the U.S. imposed sanctions against Moscow, was declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats and closed two diplomatic complex of the Russian Federation.


The Russian President said that the decision of the Obama administration’s unfriendly step, but decided not to send it and even invited the children of employees of American diplomatic missions on the Christmas Tree in the Kremlin.

Photo: Carol Guzy / ZUMAPRESS / globallookpress