The youngest member of the found a way to save Russians from alcoholism during the holidays

Vasily Vlasov

The Russians can be brought to an active lifestyle for the new year holiday, increasing the availability of sports and clubs. This was stated by member of the state Duma Committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and Affairs of youth Vasily Vlasov in an interview with “” on Wednesday, December 28.

Vlasov offers at the time of the Christmas holidays to lower the cost of memberships at fitness centers by 50 percent.

“During the holidays, when most funds went to the table, buy gifts, not all have enough money to pay for a subscription”, — said the Deputy.

To accustom the youth to active rest can be achieved by reducing the cost of tickets for various sporting events, the politician believes.

He noted that in Russia there are many big stadiums that are not filled 100 percent. “All the fans come in full force. We offer the remaining tickets to sell to young people, pupils, students, with a significant discount,” he said.

Vlasov noted that many sports clubs and fitness centers are owned by private owners and together with them it is possible to reduce the cost of the classes. At the same time the Deputy has not specified, from what sources should pay for the lost income of the owners and whether you need it to do.

Earlier Wednesday, the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has suggested that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin some part of the Christmas holidays will be paid sports. He recalled that the head of state plays hockey, swims, “and does so when given the opportunity, on a daily basis.”

Vlasov — the youngest Deputy of the state Duma of the seventh convocation, shortly before the September elections to the state Duma he turned 21. He was elected to the lower house of Parliament on the regional list of LDPR in Moscow.