The German Minister has proposed to prohibit the vegetarian schnitzel

Christian Schmidt

The Minister of food and agriculture of Germany, Christian Schmidt wants to ban such products, as a vegetarian schnitzel or vegan sausage with a spicy sauce, which does not contain meat. On Wednesday, December 28, reports the German newspaper Bild.

“This introduces the buyer”, — said the Minister.

Schmidt added that the products should be called schnitzel, sausage or meatballs only if they contain meat ingredients.

Products for vegetarians, according to policy, should appear your name.

Vegetarianism — a diet of plant and dairy food with the rejection of products which include meat. Vegan is the most strict type of vegetarianism whose adherents completely exclude from their diet animal products.

In German cuisine is very much meat dishes. Especially popular in country pork. An average person in Germany consumes annually more than 80 kilograms of meat.