Zatsepin offered to give away season tickets in the section of the parkour

In the Public chamber proposed to give Zatsepin season tickets in the section of the parkour, to direct their activity in a safe direction. With the appropriate initiative was made a member of the Commission of OP on the support of families, children and maternity Yulia zimova, RIA Novosti reported.

“Zimova sent to the Ministry of sports and youth appeal with a request to consider the possibility of opening affordable sections of extreme sports for this category of young people and to explore other potential mechanisms involving train surfers falling in active leisure activities,” — said in the Public chamber.

Earlier on 28 December, “Izvestiya” reported that Roskomnadzor blocked in social networks, 65 groups on the shaping, considering it a form of suicidal behavior.

In November in the Moscow city Duma has prepared a bill introducing administrative liability for parents train surfers falling. Most train surfers falling — teenagers up to 16 years administrative responsibility can not be. Deputies believe existing for them today punishment insufficient.