Much of the wreckage of the Tu-154 and fragments of bodies found in the Black sea – media

Rescuers found in the Black sea is a large concentration of debris crashed near Sochi on the 25th of December the Tu-154, as well as fragments of telephone As reports RIA Novosti, citing a source in the headquarters of the search operation, the objects were in the water at the site, of a width of from two and a half to five meters in length of 200 meters.


Moreover, were found several large fragments of the aircraft, the length of one of them is more than 60 meters.


A spokesman said that “at a distance of 4.5 kilometers from the shore at a depth of about 20 meters was found in three subjects”.


Added that the size of the first subject ranged from two to three meters, the second – more than 60 meters in length, and the third about five feet in length.


Earlier on Tuesday, 27 December, the defense Ministry reported that due to primary data analysis of the flight data recorder of the Tu-154 managed to narrow the list of possible causes of the crash. Now at the Central research Institute of the air force is the deciphering of the magnetic carrier of the black box of the aircraft.


The crash of the Tu-154 occurred on the morning of December 25 on Board were 92 people: performers of the Alexandrov ensemble, the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka, three journalists of the TV channels “the Star”, the First and NTV.

Photo: imago / stock&people / globallookpress