Media published evidence of the preparation of an armed coup in Poland

Polish opposition plans to commit a coup and seize power in the country by “militants” of the “Committee of protection of democracy” (KOD). Evidence of this appeared at the website of the Polish magazine wPolityce. Translation of the article quoted by RIA Novosti.


The publication is known for its Pro-government views, and cites a source “close to the opposition, but struck with plans to seize power by force”. According to the website, the mastermind of the plan was Michal Broniatowski – editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine Forbes. Writes wPolityce, Broniatowski was part of the group that organized the 2014 Maidan in Kiev.


According to the source, the opposition plans to start a coup in Poland with the same steps as in Ukraine.


“Have you read Broniatowska tips on how to organize a Maidan and to get the power? Then you understand why the opposition is so interested in the opening of the Sejm for journalists and other guests. They want to let militants explode a building… to burn in the courtyard of the tyre and turn the complex diet in an impregnable fortress with a constant stream in the media from the inside”, – quotes Agency the edition.
We are talking about the brief instructions, which Broniatowski previously published on his page in Facebook.


Information about the impending coup wPolityce have been confirmed by several sources in the opposition. On the website there is even supposedly a ready plan of action. As the newspaper writes, first, the opposition will achieve that in the building of the Parliament allowed journalists and supporters KOD. The latter will let in Parliament “militants”, who must be the participants of the far-left organization “Antifa”.


After that go into tires and gasoline. Writes wPolityce, KOD have already prepared the necessary food supplies, as well as trucks for long-term occupation of the Sejm. This should force the Polish authorities to hold early elections.


Information was denied in KOD. There wPolityce material called “string of nonsense”.


Now in Warsaw are two mass protests. Together with the opposition in the centre of the Polish capital were supporters of the current authorities. The pickets are not as numerous as they were the day before. And clashes with police. However, the situation remains tense.


Pro-government demonstrators settled at the presidential Palace. The opposition moved to the Seimas. Some require the resignation of the President, others are in support of it.


In other cities, the protests continue. In Krakow the crowd blocked the car of the head of the ruling party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who went to Wawel castle, where he is buried and his brother killed President Lech Kaczynski. Protesters shouted “Shame!”.


The split in the Polish society began after the scandal in Parliament when opposition MPs refused to accept the new laws and the budget for next year. The vote took place without them.

Photo: Madeleine Lenz / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress