As the world’s media reacted to Putin’s visit to Japan

Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan was in the spotlight of the world media. Writes The Japan Times, Abe has shown his skill in diplomatic balancing act. Japanese Prime Minister it is important to build a relationship of trust, but it’s hard not to spoil relations with other members of the “Big seven”, which is not in a hurry to abandon the sanctions policy against Russia.


“Japan is expected to take the path of least resistance. The country will simplify visa regime – for example, will give residents of the four Islands more opportunities for free travel. But de facto this decision will mean the abandonment of sanctions by the “Big seven”. It may be a stumbling block in the joint policy group”, – writes the edition.


Cooperation between the two countries is noticed in The Washington Post. It noted that only two days of the visit of Putin has signed dozens of deals.


“Japan and Russia intensified their cooperation. Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to take advantage of the growing Asian market. During his visit to Japan has signed dozens of deals, including in the energy sector”, – writes the American edition.


An article in The Wall Street Journal was published under the title: “Under Putin, Russia has skillfully fighting in the arena of world of martial arts”.


“Russia has an incredible influence on events in Europe, USA and the middle East: this was not for many decades,” says the author.


One of the Central themes of the talks was a peace Treaty that has still not concluded between Moscow and Tokyo. An important step on the way to his signing was the agreement on joint economic activities on the Kuril Islands. In addition, the two leaders discussed the possibility of simplifying visits to the Islands by Japanese citizens.

Photo: press service of the President of the Russian Federation