Abe invited Putin to relax in the hot springs

Shinzo Abe


RIA Novosti

Thursday, December 15, during the official meeting in Nagato Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the country for the first time in 11 years, and also suggested that he “enjoy the hot springs,” reported the Rambler/news with reference to the portal “Tape.ru”.

At the meeting, Putin said that he is very appreciative of the efforts of the Japanese Prime Minister, due to which there has been progress in relations between the two countries. The President also hoped that the upcoming two-day talks will contribute to the development of Russian-Japanese relations.

In response, Abe has offered Russian leader to enjoy the beautiful nature, Japanese cuisine and hot springs.

“When bathing in a hot spring, all the fatigue is leaving,” said Japanese Prime Minister.

Putin thanked for the offer and added, “better not get tired, although the sources — it’s fun.”

Thursday, December 15, the Russian President paid an official visit to Japan. The first phase of negotiations held in Nagato, then they will continue in Tokyo.

According to the publication, the result of two days of negotiations should be the signing of a dozen bilateral documents, as well as 12-15 major commercial agreements.