The court refused to consider the claim of “revizorro” to users of Facebook

The court refused to consider the claim of “revizorro” to users of Facebook

The Moscow arbitration court refused to consider the request of the TV channel “Friday”, which previously filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity against users of Facebook who discussed the program “Revizorro”. Relevant information was published on 13 December on the website of the filing of arbitration cases.

Ilya Vitazkova, identified in the complaint “Friday” on his page in Facebook published a statement from the legal Bureau “Grigoriev and Partners”. It says that the court’s refusal motivated by the lack of a statement of information about the defendants, “in breach of article 125 of the Arbitration procedure code of the Russian Federation”.

“The current legislation does not allow to present statements of claim in such category of disputes, defining at least the circle of defendants, their location or place of residence. In addition, the plaintiff shall, when filing the claim to formulate the specific requirements of the plaintiff to the defendant, and upon presentation of a claim to several defendants — claims to each of them citing the laws”, — stated in the message.

Some Facebook users commenting on the post Vitazkova, suggested that an appeal to the court was just a PR move channel.

About the claim “Friday” became known on December 12. The statement appeared members journalist Anton Krasovsky and blogger Ilya Varlamov: Ilya Vitinov, Jeanne Nesterov, Mikhail Mironov, Victor Vadimov, Mr Slominsky and Arthur Pasahow. In the comments they were accused of leading “Revizorro” Elena Volatile that it and its leaders of taking bribes, engaged in provocation and extortion.