The state Duma has postponed the speech Medina

Vladimir Medinsky

The state Duma refused to hear the report of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky to the end of the year. On Wednesday, December 14, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture Elena Drapeko, reports “Interfax”.

Failure is associated with the content of the report: statement prepared by the staff of the Ministry, devoted exclusively to the work of the Department in 2015, and not state culture as a whole, said the Deputy.

“We understand officials from the Ministry of culture to do so (to write the actual report — approx. “Of the”) is not very easy, as many areas of cultural life are actually outside the purview of the Ministry,” said Drapeko. Outside the area of responsibility of the Ministry — houses of culture and concert halls, gave the example of the MP.

Medina was supposed to report to the lower house of Parliament at the plenary session on Friday, December 16.

“A decision was made in light of the discussion, to defer consideration of these issues from December 16, 2016 at a later date,” reads the minutes of the meeting of the Duma Council, which was held yesterday.

The heads of the ministries and other members of the Cabinet regularly appear in the state Duma within the governmental hour. It is held in the lower house of Parliament about twice a month. The format includes the speech of members of the government and answers to the questions of parliamentarians.