The militants bombarded the alley in Aleppo burned human remains

The residents of Aleppo celebrate the victory of the Syrian army. Local TV channels reported that a few hours ago troops liberated the Eastern areas of the city from terrorists.


Hundreds of people took to the streets with national flags, they sing songs, shout slogans, and also thank the military and President Bashar al-Assad. Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties has published data that in a day released almost eight thousand local residents.


Riot is currently testing underground utilities, where the last rebels.


Burnt human remains filled the alley, where before the war the inhabitants of the area Annas vacationing, and hanging out with children, the militants turned it into a place for executions. Elder area Hanan Ibrahim Dauri has told how people were brought here and beheaded and burned. Sentenced to death killed publicly. The first person murdered by terrorists, were employees of the state structures of Aleppo.


Youssef DIB was formerly a grocer and a technologist at a textile factory. Last two years worked in the Sharia court that sentenced objectionable to death. Yousef gave up. According to him, he worked in the office of the court and is not signed and executed the sentences. However, that Syrian intelligence services still check.


“Judged of all who worked in government agencies, by court order executed 25 people. The most violent group in Aleppo is “Nuraddin al-Zinki”, they have a lot had a lot of weapons and ammunition,” said DIB.


Group “Nuraddin al-Sinki” famously executed 11-year-old Palestinian boy six months ago. It is a band that is still not recognized as a terrorist organization internationally, as the West persistently sees it as moderate opposition.


The militants have turned into a fortress primary school, where she studied over a thousand children. A mannequin from a sewing workshop, they protrude into the window, causing the snipers of the Syrian army to open fire and it was possible to detect them. However, the stratagems they have not helped. When the terrorists drove in premises have started to work the Russian engineers.


They were shot with mines and tanks, if the terrorists blew them up, blew the whole floor. But the main surprise was discovered in the basement there was a tunnel. The militants dug under the Eastern Aleppo a whole network of underground labyrinths. The passage they, in all probability, mined, and how much explosives in the depths of the unknown. The engineers will check the dungeon later. Currently, experts are trying to secure classrooms and offices, as among the scattered books and furniture can stay bombs.