The CIA is no evidence of the intentions of Moscow to influence the election – the dni’s office is putting US

The Central intelligence Agency of the United States does not have convincing evidence of the intentions of the Russian Federation to influence the presidential elections in the country, this opinion was voiced in the National intelligence of the United States, as reported by RIA Novosti.


In this regard, the nie does not support the conclusions of the CIA concerning Moscow’s influence on American elections. The conclusions of the CIA concerning the Russian influence in the national intelligence called not facts, and “analytical judgment based on the thin reed”.


Earlier it became known that the Central intelligence Agency, the US think cybercriminals, to carry out resonant break-ins at the eve of the presidential election, had the intention to help to win the Donald Trump. The FBI and the CIA prepared reports on this issue, but their data contradict each other.

Photo: imagebroker / Ernst Wrba / Globallookpress