Yarmolnik and Fomenko refused to comment on the controversial radio about “vulgar” Russian


RIA Novosti

Russian artists Leonid Yarmolnik and Nikolai Fomenko, on air of the Latvian radio Baltkom who called the Russians “vulgar people” who do not know who Stalin, Lenin, and where is the Crimea, has refused a request by the newspaper VIEW, to comment on his statements. “You already 25th today who asks me this question. I want to say that everything in this article is distorted, all our words were taken out of context, we were talking about something else,” – said the newspaper VIEW Leonid Yarmolnik.

On the remark of the journalist that published in the Internet a video recording of the broadcast, where sound these statements, Yarmolnik said, “Well, here, and must understand that our words were distorted, do not know why members of the media all the time present our words as they were spoken”.

On the question of whether Yarmolnik to ask a question not on behalf of the journalist, and on behalf of the citizen, the actor replied: “No, can’t”.

In turn Nikolay Fomenko also refused to explain his words. “Sorry, I am with strangers, especially reporters, not on the phone talk” he said.

We will remind, as it became known yesterday, Yarmolnik and Fomenko in the air of the Latvian radio Baltkom, discussing censorship in Russia, said that the Russians – “vulgar people”. This is a recording published on YouTube.

So, Fomenko said that modern Russians do not know who such Lenin, Stalin and Gorbachev. At the same time he says that Russia is ripe for a huge number of talented young people.

“I can confidently say that no teams from the very top never did – says Fomenko. – Or the play does not excite people in a way that excites their social networks”.

However, he believes that the Russians “very hard”. “For the last ten years, collapsed civilization of the world. He can drive, he can go, he maybe right, he maybe abroad. Machine, electronics, new televisions – never had him, he did not know about it. He’s quietly going crazy, so running puts a pig, spits, throws something – it’s their opinion and understanding. Crazy has become more”, – said Mykola Fomenko.

Yarmolnik supported him against the Russians, whom he called “vulgar people who pull the blanket over himself and in any way you want to be noticed”.

“I assure you, if the issues were related to Crimea, I think 90% of them will explain to you in geography, where is the Crimea. I guarantee,” said Yarmolnik.

It should be noted that the entire broadcast both artists respond in a joking tone, and we can assume that they were counting on an ironic perception of the data replicas.