Kuban pensioners went to the car with summer tires and fell off the bridge into the river

In Labinsk district of Krasnodar region 85-year-old Renault driver with 87-year-old wife fell into the river from the bridge in his car, according to the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

“Ice water quickly began to fill the salon of a foreign car, the driver and the passenger could not free himself from the seatbelt and to get out”, — noted in the text. The victims managed to rescue the traffic police, who witnessed the incident.

After examination by ambulance with an elderly couple got home. “Fortunately they received no injury, and were just very scared,” — said the police.

It turned out that the pensioners living in holiday village, went to town on the car with summer tires.

The Minister also stated that inspectors of traffic police who have issued an accident, pulled the car out of the river and delivered back to the owners.