But you hold to: the main memes Runet 2016

But you hold to: the main memes Runet 2016

Shlakoblokov, Graham and the frog Pepe I wish you happiness in the new year.

As they say, it was a difficult year but we achieved a lot: in a network there was lots of fresh memes to choose the best — and most important — not so easy.

Some of them have lost relevance, others are still kept.

“Bill Daily” has decided to select their own top 10.


Just perch inside the cinder block, nothing. The meme emerged in 2013, but the mass was only in 2016.

Shlakoblochnym and his friends pic.twitter.com/TGlkaeLonu

Robert bonnes (@robbebone) 15 Nov 2016
Shlakoblochnym also“no Money but you keep”: the reaction of social networks

“There’s no money but you keep”

This phrase uttered by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to the Crimea in response to the complaint of the pensioner on amount of pension — 8 thousand rubles.

Medvedev said, “Just no money. Find the money, will do the indexing. You stay here, you all the best, good mood and health.”“There’s no money but you keep”

DiCaprio and Oscars

28 February 2016, its first “Oscar” was awarded to actor Leonardo DiCaprio — before the whole Internet laughed at the fact that the Leo award is not awarded and he was nominated as many as five times. After the ceremony, DiCaprio film Academy award for her role in the film “Survivors” began to joke about the bear.

Classical trio 2016: Leonardo DiCaprio, Oscar and the bear! pic.twitter.com/GM3sWeLvqP

— Artem Deryagin (@DerArto) 27 Jan 2016.


On the sheet of plywood are distinguishable face friendly dog. Oldfagi remember from TV that just say one of the characters in Yuri Stoyanov in a humorous transmission “Town”. And Nikita Mikhalkov and still says.

Meme of gratuty and dosvidaniya covered me completely pic.twitter.com/DvgVXQHKbu


This is fine

Artist KC Green drew a comic strip about a dog that says “All the rules” (“This is fine”), back in 2013, and in 2014-m the glory of his first two pictures brought a post on Reddit and Imgur. In this list we include depressive dog, because in Runet in the past year he was very, very relevant.

This Mass. artist is behind the ‘This is Fine’ meme, and it’s not the first one he’s done https://t.co/VcABT2YKRS pic.twitter.com/tmfqZOSCgx

— BostInno (@BostInno) on 2 September 2016.


In 2016, the artist Patricia Piccinini at the request of the Committee on transport accidents, Australia drew Graham — a visualization of how people should look to survive in accidents.

A photo posted by Hannah Rose (@hulapocalypse) Jul 21 2016 at 4:11 PDT

Helped Patricia a trauma surgeon and the investigator of the accident. Graham liked the Internet users. Most, in our opinion, a funny joke involving Graham — compared to those who come to urinate on the Patriarchal ponds.


The original photo of the cat appeared on the network in 2013 and in 2016, the users of Runet gave him a magic wand and gave the ability to conjure anything you want.

Vzhuh, and you’re stuck in the Elevator pic.twitter.com/zQrvOEYurb

— 4elovek memos (@insaaad) 8 Dec 2016

The boy in the swamp

In summer, wildly popular in the network got the photo shoot in the swamp, made in the Chelyabinsk region by brothers Igor and Alexey Nazarovym for competition in the community “How I met tetanus” in “Vkontakte”. The aim of the contest was to pooriginalnee to wish a good morning.

Chelyabinsk student Igor Nazarov is famous for unusual photo shoot in the style of “Office routine”#Chelyabinsk pic.twitter.com/vBYUQwwfoV

— Bulletin of Chelyabinsk (@NovostiChel) 2 August 2016.

Mr. Dudez

Initially, Dudes (Mr. Skeltal) was not comfortable with voice input. Came to us with the Western wine — first on “Dvach” and then in “Vkontakte”. The picture with him completes the call to respond to the post, thanking the character. Mr. Dudar provokes comments.

Thank mr skeltal pic.twitter.com/t7GmVOVyX2

— Anon (@AnonTweetsBS) October 31, 2016.


November 8, 2016, America all of a sudden, including myself, have turned to populist President Donald trump. Supporters of Hillary Clinton announced that the frog Pepe, whose image is portrayed trump, has become a symbol of racism. The Runet news from the United States reacted to the humor festival.

Trump won the elections in the United States pic.twitter.com/0FPMISsjNz

— Lentic (@oldLentach) November 9, 2016