The state Department refused to confirm the shelling of the Russian hospital in Syria

The United States condemns attacks on any medical facility, but are not ready to independently confirm the fact of bombardment of the Russian mobile hospital in Aleppo, Syria. As reported on Monday, December 5, RIA Novosti, this was stated by the official representative of us state Department mark Toner.

“We condemn any attack against hospitals or health facilities”, he said, adding that confirm the fact of the attack is not possible because of the difficult military situation on the ground.

Toner stressed that Washington never provides the Syrian opposition coordinates for strikes.

The representative of the group of forces of participants of the Western counter-terrorism operations in Iraq and Syria, told TASS that the coalition headed by the USA do not build speculation on who carried out the attack.

“We can’t speculate about what forces destroyed a Russian hospital, as we do not monitor and do not carry out operation in Aleppo”, – told the interlocutor of the news Agency, adding that the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG) also conducts combat operations in the area.

Also on 5 December, the International Committee of the red cross expressed the view that the parties to the conflict in Syria does not wish to protect physicians, patients and hospitals, and to distinguish them from military facilities.

On Monday, the defense Ministry said “the”, 5 December from 12:21 to 12:30 ut campus mobile hospital of the military Department in Aleppo, came under artillery fire from insurgents. As a result, a woman medic was killed on the spot, one more has received severe wounds from which he later died in hospital. Also hurt the pediatrician, doctors now fighting for his life.

The Russian mobile hospital was sent to Aleppo at the end of November by order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. From the Ministry of defence were transferred to the medical detachment of special purpose and multi-functional hospital for 100 beds with the children’s therapy Department. The daily capacity of outpatient treatment is 420 people.