Putin advised everyone to engage in personal life

Vladimir Putin during a visit to the plant “Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has shared with Chelyabinsk the guidelines about how to do everything with your busy schedule. On Monday, December 5, reports the correspondent of”.ru”.

“The more you do, the more time,” said the President, stressing that “everything is good in moderation”.

The Russian leader noted that “my personal life should deal with a must.”

Putin held a meeting with the workers of Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant (CHTPZ). The company’s management prepared for the President a gift book, released for the anniversary of its former Director Yakov Osadchiy, which was celebrated in October, said the head of state during his visit.

“If not presented, it will give now” — appealed to him the Advisor to the General Director of CHTPZ Group on science and technology, son of ex-Director Vladimir Osadchy. “Squeezed, now will be forced to do it,” the President joked. Immediately after this he was given the promised edition.

December 2, Putin approved the use of “smart” entertainment among Russians. He admired the fact that about 120 million people a year visit the museums. “I do not know any other country in the world, comparable in population, whether there are indicators,” — said the head of state.