Suburban officials punished for uncleared snow

In the Moscow area employees of the State administration of technical supervision (Gosadmtekhnadzor) fined the officials responsible for snow and ice. The total amount of penalties for substandard work performed amounted to 200 thousand rubles. On Friday, December 2, reports TV channel “360” with reference to the press service of the main state administrative and technical inspector of the region Tatyana Vitosevic.

“Just last week we found over 30 violations in the cleaning of snow and ice areas located on the balance of local authorities”, — quotes the channel of Vimosewa. She noted that the administrative case filed against individuals.

Just opened 32 cases. Imposed 12 fines issued 20 warnings.

10 November in the capital region was hit by freezing rain and snowfall. These weather conditions caused problems in work of transport and the accident at the power grids.