“Never looking for enemies”: the main thing about the foreign policy of Putin’s message


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MOSCOW, December 1. /TASS/. Russia does not seek confrontation with anyone and is willing to cooperate with foreign States, but it should be built on the basis of equality and mutual respect, taking into account legitimate national interests.

This is the main content of the foreign policy section of the annual address to the Federal Assembly delivered by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian head of state noted that the proactive policy of the Russian Federation in the East primarily dictated by its national interests and global development trends. He elaborated on the objectives of development cooperation with China and India, and also said that Moscow is ready to cooperate with the new US administration, including in the fight against international terrorism.

For equal dialogue, against others tips

“We do not want confrontation with anyone, we don’t need it — neither we nor our partners, nor to the world community. Unlike some foreign colleagues who see Russia as an enemy, we are not looking for and never looking for enemies, we need friends. But we will not tolerate infringement of their interests, neglect them,” Putin said.