Transgender singer posed for Vogue in a revealing outfit

Alejandra Gersi starred in lace underwear and a leather corset pleased netizens. The photos appeared on the publication's Instragram page.

In the footage posted online, Alejandra Ghersi, better known as the Arca, posed in several looks. So, in the first picture, the celebrity starred in a black outfit consisting of lace underwear, a leather corset with belts and metal carabiners and a leg garter made of feathers.

In addition, the star was captured in the image of the heroine of the artist's painting Vinci Mona Lisa. The performer was filmed in a wooden picture frame. She was dressed in a black dress with a plunging neckline and silver boots with a high platform.

Arch was also photographed in a black voluminous dress against the background of a red canopy bed, on which another model is posing in a latex suit with claws, horns and a tail. There is a white-gray snake under the feet of the Arch. In the same scenery, Gersey posed in a white satin suit with long ribbons and white boots on a high platform.

Netizens appreciated the singer's appearance in the comments below the photo. “Arch, you are beautiful! I'm immensely glad to see you on the cover of Vogue, it's incredible “,” Goddess! ” , They wrote.

In August, Vogue filmed a transgender cover for the first time to fight beauty standards. In this footage, models pose in the magazine's office across from a worker who is editing one of the September first spreads. It is known that eight models took part in the shooting, among whom were transgender Ariel Nicholson, plus plus-size fashion models Yumi Nu and Precious Lee.



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