The United States called a reliable support for the Russian army

Business Insider: The T-72 tank is a reliable support for the Russian army and has the potential called a reliable support for the Russian army. According to him, this is the T-72 tank, which, despite the development of half a century ago, has significant potential.

According to the author, thanks to the modernization, the combat vehicle can compete with modern technology, including after the installation of the new 125 -mm 2A46M-5 smoothbore cannon with automatic loading.

Eastwood added that the T-72 is also equipped with a Kalina fire control system capable of independently tracking enemy targets. The tank also fires armor-piercing and fragmentation shells, can use AT-11 anti-tank missiles, and the body is covered with Kontakt-5 reactive armor.

The observer explained that Russia plans to upgrade the vehicles to the T-72B3 version. This means that the model will remain a “workhorse” in the Russian armed forces.

Earlier, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that during the Iran-Iraq war, Iraqi tank forces relied on Soviet-designed vehicles. Some samples of T-72 tanks were modernized with the help of Chinese developments.



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