The State Duma proposed to make tests for coronavirus free

Izvestia: Deputy Nilov offered Golikova to test Russians for COVID-19 for free

mass and free testing of Russians for coronavirus. With such an initiative, the party turned to the head of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, Izvestia writes.

The first deputy chairman of the A Just Russia faction, deputy Oleg Nilov sent a request to Golikova, where said that the existing measures are unlikely to protect the country from the penetration of new strains of the coronavirus – in particular, the omicron strain. “States such as Israel, China, Japan, with a minimum level of morbidity, are taking the most stringent restrictive measures, up to the closure of borders,” he stressed.

According to Nilov, vaccination is not enough to fight the coronavirus: it should Make COVID-19 tests free in all settings, including airports, schools and shopping malls. The deputy's idea was supported by the health committee. Experts believe that citizens will also react positively to the initiative, since you can even test for coronavirus at home.

“We need an additional powerful shield in the fight against covid – mass, free testing of Russians, because mass vaccination is the main one. but not the only way to combat the spread of infection. Today, we observe a clear imbalance in anti-corruption measures that prevents us from effectively confronting the coronavirus threat and its new terrible component – the omicron strain, “Nilov emphasized.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health predicted the imminent appearance of the omicron strain in Russia. The chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the department, Vladimir Chulanov, said that he is able to oust the dominant delta “provided that he is more contagious.”



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