The star of the TNT channel spoke about the unsuccessful casting in the cinema

Russian comedian Anton Shastun admitted that he could not pass the casting for the main role in the movie “On TNT TV channel Anton Shastun recalled in Laysan Utyasheva's YouTube show” Daring Cooking “about an unsuccessful attempt to become a film actor. The comedian said that he could not pass the casting for the main role in the full-length film.

Shastun admitted that he himself is skeptical about the comedians' acting in the cinema, however, when he received a call with a proposal to pass the casting, he could not refuse. The casting took place at the Mosfilm studio. “This is the most bizarre event, but I went there only to [hear the phrase] 'thank you, we will call you back,'” the TV presenter sneers.

In the office where the casting took place, there was one camera, and at the table was a director, whose identity the comedian did not reveal. According to Shastun, an excerpt of the script for memorization was sent to him in advance. At the casting, he and the director read lines from there. After that, the comedian was told about the project itself and about the actors who would play with it. “So some actors and actresses are just [professional] actors and actresses. And me, ”Shastun continues.

The star of the show“ Improvisation ”was waiting for the casting result for several days. Shastun admits that he was worried and waited for the call, but he understood that in case of refusal he would not be very upset. “In the end, he called and said that everything was fine, but maybe we’ll try next time, now something didn’t work out there. I was a little upset, but then I thought it was good, “the comedian concluded.

Earlier, the former general director of the production company Comedy Club Production and producer Anatoly Burnosov said that the comedian Pavel Volya had conflicts with the guests Comedy Club show. According to Burnosov, the audience made claims to Volya because of the harsh jokes in his early performances.

Anton Shastun is a participant in the Improvisation show, as well as the host of the TNT TV project Improvisation. Teams “and the Internet show” Contacts “on its own YouTube channel” Shastun “. He is also known to Russian TV viewers as a regular participant in the TNT projects “Do not sleep” and “Comedy Battle”.