The Kremlin called the condition for the start of negotiations with Ukraine on gas transit

Peskov: negotiations with Ukraine on gas will begin only after the sale of fuel on gas transit, RIA Novosti reports. Russia will start negotiations with Kiev only after it can sell fuel, and the topic of transportation is secondary, the speaker said in a conversation with reporters.

On November 30, the head of the Ukrainian company for the transportation of fuel Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, announced the unwillingness of the Russian side to negotiate the extension of the contract on gas pumping after 2024. The journalists asked the presidential press secretary when to wait for the start of the dialogue. “As for transit matters, of course, we need to address the question to Gazprom,” Peskov commented. However, he added that for gas transit, it is necessary to first find end buyers in Europe.

“Until Gazprom decides on this line, then, accordingly, the discussion of the transit topic is in the second place. The gas must be sold first. President Putin has repeatedly clarified this, ”the president’s press secretary said. Naftogaz has repeatedly called on Russia to conclude a new transit agreement after 2024.

Currently, the pumping of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine is regulated by an agreement concluded for five years until 2024. The agreement provides for the transit of 40 billion cubic meters of fuel annually. The Russian energy company Gazprom pays for capacities in Ukraine, regardless of how much gas it intends to transport.

Recently, German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen announced the opening date of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which will allow Russia to send gas to the European Union bypassing Ukraine. According to her, transit will begin in at least six months. Feldhusen also noted that the suspension of the certification of Nord Stream 2 by the German regulator was due to the need to carry out unbundling (separation by type of activity) and is not a response to Russia's blackmail.