Biologist named vaccines effective against omicron-strain

Biologist Baranova: “Sputnik V” may be more effective against the omicron strain than RNA vaccines

basis, may be more effective against the omicron strain of coronavirus than RNA drugs. This was stated by Professor of the School of Systems Biology at George Mason University (Virginia), Doctor of Biological Sciences Ancha Baranova, her words are quoted by “Moscow 24”.

The key difference between vaccines is that adenoviral drugs use the T-cell link, the biologist emphasized.

ÔÇťAdenovirus vaccines are slightly weaker than mRNA vaccines in terms of the overall level of antibodies. But their answer is broader, because they use the T-cell link more. Therefore, “Sputnik V” may be a little better against the omicron-strain, “the specialist explained.

At the same time, Baranova noted, it is too early to give a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of vaccines against the omicron-strain.

Earlier, Ancha Baranova worried about the contactless transmission of a new omicron strain of coronavirus. According to her, this may indicate a high ability to spread this variation of the infection.



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