The blogger washed away the dirt accumulated on the combs and disgusted subscribers

TikTok blogger advised to wash combs regularly because of accumulating sebum and scalp, and disgusted subscribers. The video posted on TikTok was noticed in the Daily Mail.

On her account, @everything_tidy often shares her own personal care and home cleaning tips. In one of the latest videos published on the social network, she revealed the reason for the rapid contamination of hair and showed an easy way to prevent it.

According to the tiktoker, it is necessary to regularly wash the combs, as sebum accumulates on their surface, which further contaminates the skin heads. In the footage posted, the girl filled the sink with boiling water, added shampoo to the water and soaked four massage combs in the resulting solution. An hour later, she demonstrated that the water in the sink had turned brown.

“Oh my god, this is disgusting. Girls, don't forget to wash your combs. I didn’t even know that there could be so much dirt on them, ”the blogger shared. The video went viral and got 3.8 million views and 339.7 thousand likes. Netizens thanked her for the life hack.

“What a horror! I'll go right now and wash all my combs “,” I'm shocked. It can't be. Disgusting “,” And I put it all on my hair when combing! I’m going to vomit now. ”“ I don’t want to carry it all back to my hair. I'm going to wash the combs right now “,” Thank you for showing me. If it were not for you, I would never have known about this, “the users wrote.

Earlier in November, the doctor named ways to grow long hair without mistakes when leaving. Dermatologist Ophelia Veraich noted that it is necessary to monitor the condition of the scalp, moisturizing it with oils through massaging movements. According to her, in this way, the hair is saturated with moisture and becomes stronger. For moisturizing, the expert encouraged the use of almond, coconut and argan oils.