Drowning State minister responded to global warming deniers

Tuvalu Minister Simon Coffee: Climate Change Proven by Scientist Research The appeal for the UN Climate Summit (Cop26), standing knee-deep in water, responded to people who refuse to believe in the reality of global warming and deny the problem of climate change. He shared his opinion in a conversation with Lenta.ru.

The Minister noted that the reality of global warming has been proven by numerous studies of scientists. It will be difficult for people who deny science to explain what is happening. According to the minister, it is necessary to demonstrate in videos and photographs how the terrain is changing due to climate change. As an example, the politician cited a concrete site in Tuvalu, where he recorded an appeal – the slab was erected by the Americans on land during World War II, now the territory was under water at a depth of about 20 meters.

The politician added that there are no people in Tuvalu who do not believe in global warming. “You know, when you live on a small island and see how over the years it is simply washed off by water, then it will be very difficult for you to deny the reality of climate change,” said Coffee. He also expressed his readiness to welcome tourists to Tuvalu and demonstrate the climate problems faced by residents.

An announcement of the speech and a photo of the minister standing in the water in a suit appeared online earlier in November. The shots were taken on the island of Fongafale, where the capital of the state is located. Thus, the Tuvalu authorities wanted to draw attention to the problem of changes in the global sea level due to climate.



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