The bear went into a large Russian city and attacked a woman

Artyom's authorities advised residents not to leave their homes after a brown bear attack after the brown bear went into the city and attacked the woman. This is stated on the website of the administration of the Artyomovsky district.

The animal was noticed in the area of ​​Sireneva, Mechanizatorov and Solnechnaya streets. Residents were urged to be careful and were assured that police and staff at the Tiger Center were taking steps to capture the predator. Everyone who saw the bear was asked by the administration to inform the Unified Dispatch Service by phone 112.

The injured woman was hospitalized with lacerated wounds and is under the supervision of doctors in the trauma department.

It was previously reported that in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a bear wounded in the taiga survived a bear attack, crawled eight kilometers through the taiga and escaped thanks to a note. The 58-year-old Russian was setting traps when he was suddenly attacked by a bear. The animal managed to seriously injure the man. Due to injury, he could not walk, and he had to crawl to the hut of a friend to ask him for help. The man was not there, and the hunter left him a note