The analyst predicted the future of the ruble

Analyst Maslov: the ruble has seriously weakened against the dollar, but will not continue to fall during December that the ruble has seriously depreciated against the dollar, but will not continue to fall through December. His words are quoted by the Prime agency.

Maslov named the factors that influenced the behavior of the Russian currency. We are talking about geopolitical risks that appeared “against the background of the movements of Russian troops in the Southern Military District near the borders of Ukraine, which alerted the representatives of the United States and the EU.”

In addition, the expert noted that the reason for the weakening of the ruble was a sharp the strengthening of the dollar after the Senate approved Jerome Powell for a second term as head of the Fed, as well as after the discovery of the omicron strain of coronavirus in South Africa. Maslov also pointed to the pressure on oil quotes.

“Despite the factors described above, there is no reason to believe today that the Russian currency will continue to weaken at the same rate, and most likely it will remain within our base range of 71, 5–74 rubles per dollar, ”the analyst emphasized. At the same time, he noted that the ruble is unlikely to return to the levels of the summer of 2020 in the foreseeable future.

Earlier, Maxim Petronevich, a senior economist at the Otkritie Research analytical department of Otkritie Bank, said that the position is expected to remain in the next six months. dollar against major world currencies, despite the factors that put pressure on the US currency.