SVR accuses US and UK of fanning hysteria at a meeting in Kiev

SVR: US and UK tried to sow panic at a meeting in Ukraine

The US and UK artificially fanned hysteria at a Ukraine in mid-November. This was stated in the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

“The emissaries of Washington and London tried to sow panic, continuing to manipulate false information about the impending full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory. They insistently demanded that the EU countries show a solidarity approach. In the interpretation of the American and the British, this is the only way to save the Russophobic Kiev regime, “the SVR said.

It is noted that at a meeting in Kiev, the EU states called for assistance to Ukraine in providing energy from alternative sources. “Washington and London tried to impose on the European Union costly responsibilities to preserve the viability of the Ukrainian economy in the face of unprecedented corruption in this country,” the service noted. According to the SVR, the diplomatic corps of the EU countries is currently in confusion and realizes that the Americans and the British are artificially fanning hysteria in order to present Russia as the culprit of all troubles, “if the Kiev adventurers attack the Donbass.” It is noted that diplomats see that Kiev itself provokes tensions in the east of the country.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov accused Washington of increasing tensions on the Russian border. According to him, the United States has deployed military bases around Russia and is constantly stirring up hysteria, reproaching the Russian side for conducting exercises on its territory by the Armed Forces.



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