Russians warned about changes in laws from December 1

In the Russian Federation, payments for a part of pensioners will increase from December and flights with a number of countries will resume … In particular, extrajudicial blocking of fraudulent sites will be introduced, free access to socially significant portals will appear, the fight against “gray” corporate SIM-cards will enter the active phase, and a pilot project on a new system of medical salaries will be launched and air traffic will open to new countries. Read more about this in the material “”.

Fraudulent sites will begin to block out of court

From December 1, this procedure will take only a few days, and not months, as before. The corresponding law was signed in summer by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Bank of Russia will send lists of fraudulent websites to the Prosecutor General's Office, which, in turn, will issue Roskomnadzor orders to block them out of court.

Access to socially significant Internet -resources will be made free

From December 1, Russians will have the opportunity to use socially significant sites for free. These resources must be controlled or created by Russian citizens operating in the country and located in the .ru, .рф, .su or .deti zones. Moreover, at least half of the audience must be located in Russia.

A total of 371 portals were included in the list, including the site of government services, news aggregators, search engines, as well as some social networks and online stores.

” Gray “corporate SIM-cards will start blocking

From December 1, telecom operators should also start blocking corporate SIM-cards if the information about who actually uses them is incorrect.

According to Mobile Research Group, at the moment there are about 32 million corporate SIM-cards in use in Russia. kart. At the same time, in mid-November, the Ministry of Finance reported that only 13.3 million corporate SIM-cards were confirmed on the portal of state services. As a result, according to the general director of TMT Consulting Konstantin Ankilov, after December 1, more than half of corporate mobile numbers (16 million) can be disconnected from communication services.

Some of the pensioners will receive an increase

From December 1, the indexation of pensions will occur for some categories of Russians, the PFR said. It will affect citizens who turned 80 in November. The fixed payment to the old-age insurance pension due to them will double – from 6,044.48 rubles to 12,088.96 rubles.

In addition, those pensioners who quit their jobs before September 1, 2021 can also count on an increase. From December 1, they will automatically receive an increase in their pension with an additional three months' surcharge.

They will be put in jail for falsifying the labeling of goods

From the beginning of December, Russia will start to jail for up to three years and fine up to 80 thousand rubles for counterfeiting labeling of goods.

Administrative fines are also introduced for violation of labeling requirements.

Russia resumes air traffic with a number of countries

In November, the headquarters for combating COVID-19 allowed to resume flights with Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mongolia. Later, Cuba, Mexico and Qatar were added to them.

In a number of regions, they will test a new system of remuneration for doctors

A pilot project to introduce a new system of remuneration in the medical sector will start on December 1 in seven regions – Belgorod, Kurgan, Omsk, Orenburg and Tambov regions, as well as in Sevastopol and Yakutia.

According to the new model, the salaries of medical workers will be calculated taking into account the coefficient depending on the complexity of work, as well as indicators of the economic development of the region.