Russians turned out to be more profitable to overtake cars from Europe

Autonews: moving used cars from Europe turned out to be more profitable than buying in Russia than buying within the country, Autonews reports.

“Now that you can buy European currency for 83 rubles, it has become cheaper to bring in many used cars from Europe,” said an expert on the selection of used cars Kirill Chernov. He added that it is most profitable to bring used cars between the ages of three and five. Their “customs clearance” will be cheaper than for cars older than five years. Also a winning option is cars with motors of less than one and a half liters. For example, BMW X1, Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat.

Chernov added that it makes sense to ferry cars from the EU if the budget for buying a used car exceeds one million rubles. “It's not a fact that in our secondary housing in this budget you will find an option that is no worse. And, most likely, the opposite. For this money in Russia there will be cars with a dubious history and in a very poor condition, “he explained.

Prices for used cars under the age of seven soared in Russia almost one and a half times – in January-October cars have risen in price by 42 percent compared to the same period last year. These cars cost an average of 930 thousand rubles.