Russian ambassador accused the United States of distorting the facts about the expulsion of diplomats

Russian Ambassador to Washington Antonov: US distorts facts and expels Russian diplomats requirements for Russian diplomats to leave the country. He said that it was about the actual expulsion of diplomats, he was quoted by RIA Novosti.

He recalled that it was the State Department in December 2020 that unilaterally set a three-year limit on long-term business trips for employees of the embassy in Washington and the general consulates of Russia in New York and Houston.

“Once again, the State Department is cunning. The American side is trying to mislead the local and world community by deliberately distorting the facts. We are credited with something that has nothing to do with reality. The situation is exactly the opposite, “the statement says.

According to Antonov, the statement that the departure of 55 Russian diplomats cannot be regarded as expulsion does not stand up to criticism. He explained that if they refuse to comply with the demand, the Russians will be deprived of “immunity and other diplomatic privileges.” cannot be regarded as their expulsion or punitive measure. According to her, the Russian side was notified in advance of this decision.

On November 27, Antonov said that 27 Russian diplomats would leave the United States on January 30, and the same number would leave on June 30, 2022, that is, only 54 people. He stressed that the spouses of the diplomatic corps employees are deprived of their accreditation, children are not issued visas.



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