Russia warned of the spread of the omicron strain around the world

Director of the scientific center Isaev: the omicron-strain could already have spread around the world

Director of the Scientific Center for Molecular Genetic Research of DNKOM in Russia in an interview with TASS, he warned that the new omicron-strain could already become widespread throughout the world, since it is not yet reliably how well the existing PCR tests detect it.

“How clearly the omicron will be detected on PCR tests, whether laboratory doctors with current test systems will be able to correctly determine it is also a big question due to the large number of mutations, “the specialist said, adding that the world does not know the true extent of how this variant of COVID-19 has spread.

“We cannot now sequence the samples of everyone who arrives from South African states,” Isaev said. According to him, given the traffic, it is quite possible to assume that this strain has already become widespread.

Earlier, the chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Vladimir Chulanov, predicted the imminent appearance of the omicron strain of coronavirus in the country. According to Chulanov, the omicron strain can displace the currently dominant delta in the Russian Federation and in the world, but “provided that it is more contagious.”

The newest strain COVID-19 B.1.1.529, which was given the name “omicron”, identified earlier in South Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), existing vaccines may not be effective against it.