In Russia, they wanted to allow buying wine via the Internet

Izvestia: Russia plans to introduce online sales of wine from domestic grapes

Internet, an experiment on online sales will begin in Moscow and the Moscow region on March 31, 2022 and will last until 2024. Izvestia reports this with reference to the corresponding bill of the Ministry of Finance.

Manufacturers of drinks will be allowed to trade; they will be presented on a specialized website of the Russian Post, which will then deliver them to the consumer. The age of the buyer will be controlled using identity documents – through confirmation upon receipt in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA).

A pilot project initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture will also be launched in St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Nizhny Novgorod regions. The Ministry of Finance reported that the bill was developed to provide additional support for Russian winemaking. An inter-agency agreement is currently in progress.

The Union of Winegrowers and Winemakers supported the idea of ​​the department, but with strict adherence to control over the age of buyers and adherence to the principles of the Concept for the Reduction of Alcohol Consumption. The main risks were the sale of alcohol to minors and improper storage conditions of wine during delivery.

President of the Association of Internet Trading Companies (AKIT) Artem Sokolov pointed out that alcoholic beverages are one of the few categories that cannot be ordered with home delivery, although there is a huge demand for this format of purchases.

He added that the number of searches reaches tens of thousands per month, and illegal sites offer Russians to buy alcohol online. Their turnover reaches 5-10 billion rubles a year. “Buyers do not realize that behind the orders are illegal organizations that are not responsible for the products sold,” the expert concluded.

Earlier, the head of the “Sober Russia” project, State Duma deputy Sultan Khamzaev suggested changing the packaging of alcoholic products. He called for limiting the use of state symbols on these goods.



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