Dagestani starred in Game of Thrones and hid it for three years

A resident of Dagestan spoke about the work of an understudy in the TV series “Game of Thrones” understudy for actor Keith Harington, who played Jon Snow. This was reported by the TV channel “Zvezda”.

According to him, Harington has two official understudies, but they were engaged in other filming, so the participation of one more understudy was required. The Dagestani saw an advertisement for the search for an actor on the official HBO website. “They sent me an answer, asked for a video where I turn my head and show my facial expressions. And they began to negotiate the rest of the terms of payment, fee, “- Yusupov shared.

The young man was worried that what was happening could be a drawing, but he was convinced that everything was for real when he received tickets to Scotland. Due to the terms of the contract, Yusupov could not talk about the filming for three years. When he returned to Russia, he shared his experience with friends, but they did not believe him. “When I flew in and told my friends about it and saw their reaction that they did not believe. I was already beginning to understand that there seemed to be no point in talking about it. Everyone does not believe, apparently, I will live with this to the end. And then, when the contract expired, I posted the video on TikTok and off we went, ”he said.

According to Yusupov, the shooting lasted six days, every day about six to seven hours. The Dagestani can be seen in the fourth episode of the eighth season. He is in the frame for about eight minutes of the episode.



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