Cities of Russia with the cheapest new buildings named

The weighted average price of new buildings in Russia has increased by 31 percent since November 2020

The weighted average price of new buildings in Russia has increased since November 2020 by 31 percentage and amounted to 119.6 thousand rubles per square meter. Cities with the cheapest and most expensive offers are named in the analytical review of the United Resource for Developers (ERZ), RIA Novosti reports.

New buildings in Ingushetia turned out to be the most affordable – on average, their cost was 28.5 thousand rubles per square meter … In Dagestan a square meter costs 30.9 thousand rubles, in Kabardino-Balkaria – 32.7 thousand rubles, in the Pskov region – 38.8 thousand rubles, and in Mari El – 39 thousand rubles.

The most expensive , according to the survey, it turned out housing in Moscow – a square meter in the capital will cost an average of 258.3 thousand rubles. A square meter in St. Petersburg costs 150.2 thousand rubles, in Sevastopol – 110.9 thousand rubles, in the Moscow region – 110.5 thousand rubles, and in Yakutia – 102.7 thousand rubles.

Currently Currently, professional developers are building more than 105 million square meters of living space, which is almost five percent lower than the figure for November 2020. According to ERZ, the largest Russian developers are PIK, LSR, Samolet, Setl Group and FGC.

Earlier in November, analysts from the Azbuka Zhilya real estate agency named Moscow's districts with the cheapest new buildings. In October 2021, the most affordable housing on the primary market could be purchased in Lianozovo – a square meter would cost 175 thousand rubles on average. The top 3 also includes Eastern Biryulyovo (178.8 thousand rubles) and Beskudnikovsky district (182.3 thousand rubles).