20-year-old Ukrainian woman convicted of murder amid depression dies in jail

In Poltava, Veronika Motorina, sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder, died in jail the court sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of premeditated murder of an instructor in a shooting range. Some Telegram channels say that the girl died of an epileptic seizure, the doctors did not have time to save her. The incident is reported by UNIAN.

Motorina was arrested in February 2020. On February 7, she mortally wounded instructor Sergei Smolyaninov in a shooting range. The court charged the girl with premeditated murder. Motorina stated at the trial that she committed the crime by accident. According to the girl's assurances, she came to the shooting gallery to commit suicide. Motorina claimed that she was depressed due to a conflict with a young man.

“I just wanted to die, but it turned out that I, unwittingly, took the life of your husband. Now this sin will forever remain in my soul and on my conscience. I don’t know how to live with it. It's very difficult for me, ”she said at the trial, addressing the wife of the deceased. Motorina admitted her guilt in the murder.

The Ukrainian court did not listen to the testimony of the girl. Motorina was sentenced to 15 years in prison – this is the maximum term of imprisonment under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Intentional Murder” without aggravating circumstances. After the verdict was announced on the way to the pre-trial detention center, she tried to commit suicide, but survived.

On November 28, a patrol policeman was accidentally shot dead in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine. A law enforcement officer died while hunting with friends.