Virologist allowed human adaptation to omicron and end of pandemic

Virologist Altstein admitted that a person will adapt to the omicron and the pandemic will end Altstein admitted in a conversation with that a person will adapt to the new strain of COVID-19, called omicron, and the pandemic will end.

“Most likely, this is the virus that we have been waiting for for a long time and which will be adapted to a person and will not cause serious consequences for him. I think that if it really spreads well around the world, this will all end there, “said the virologist.

” We have viral genomes included in our genetic material, all people have it, and this viruses are non-infectious, and infectious ones also very often strike us, we get them, but we get them and do not even notice, and this one will be the same. Well, what is a virus that causes a loss of energy for one day? ” – said the virologist.

He also noted that it is too early to draw final conclusions about the benefits or harms of the new strain, since it is necessary to see what effect it will have on the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) highly appreciated the likelihood of the omicron strain spreading globally.