The blogger showed fat folds in the photo without retouching and delighted fans

Blogger Nelly London showed belly folds and stretch marks on the hips

Blogger and plus-size model Nelly London showed figure in the pictures without processing and delighted the fans. The corresponding post appeared on her Instagram account.

In the footage published on the network, the girl poses in white underwear. The blogger photographed herself in several poses, showing fat folds on the abdomen, stretch marks on the hips and cellulite on the buttocks. According to her, there is no retouching in the photos at all.

“I aggressively squeeze my belly to remind myself how wonderful it is. I have cute buttocks. The belly is soft but powerful. I hold onto my breasts because they are beautiful too, “she signed the publication.

Netizens supported London in the comments to the post. “You look great!”, “Oh my god, I love these photos! Very beautiful! ”,“ You are an incredible woman. Thanks to you, I started to love my body. I admire you “,” You are so real! I love you ”,“ Nelly, you are a goddess, ”they wrote.

In October, the girl revealed the secret of the ideal appearance of bloggers in the photo on social networks. In the footage posted online, Rikki explained that most of the images on the Internet are fake. According to her, most users use a special application for retouching Face App, thanks to which you can hide all the flaws and emphasize the advantages of your appearance.



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