Schoolchildren will be able to send check-ins to the MES about visiting cultural institutions

Vice-Mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova: it has become even more interesting to replenish the Student Portfolio

By “checking in” in the mobile application of the Moscow Electronic School. Thus, it became even more interesting to replenish the “Student Portfolio”. Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, spoke about this.

“We are actively expanding the capabilities of the Moscow Electronic School for the convenience of schoolchildren. This year, the MES has launched a service in which students can collect their portfolio with achievements in Olympiads, science, creativity, and sports. And now the children will have the opportunity to “check in” at cultural institutions – museums, theaters, and this information will automatically appear in the portfolio. This will give a fairly detailed picture of cultural life, and it will be clear from the portfolio what exhibitions or theatrical performances the child is interested in, “said the vice-mayor.

Schoolchildren of the capital can replenish the” Culture “section of their electronic portfolio almost instantly. To do this, when visiting any Moscow museum, theater or cinema, it is enough to “check in” in it through the “Mesh Diary” mobile application.

In order to add information to the Student Portfolio, students should go to the Student section of the MES Diary mobile application and select Cultural Places Nearby. The window that opens will instantly display cultural institutions located near the location of the student. Then, from the proposed list, the student can select the place in which he is at the moment and click on the button – “mark visit”.

In addition, the student will be required to fill out a required field by adding a description of the event or feedback about it. Optionally, it will also be possible to attach a ticket image or your personal photo taken by a cultural institution. You can also indicate the organizer, add the name of the watched performance or movie. Information about visiting museums will be automatically added to the Student Portfolio if you use the Moskvenok card.

Schoolchildren and their parents can use the Student Portfolio service on the start page for entering the MES services, and in the MES Diary mobile application, go to the Student section and click on Portfolio. All information about the achievements of students in olympiads, creative competitions, scientific conferences, sports competitions, military-patriotic events, as well as visits to various cultural institutions will be displayed here.

Information is placed in chronological order in accordance with the sections: study, science, sports, creativity, civic engagement and culture. Thanks to the “Student Portfolio”, schoolchildren have a unique opportunity to conduct self-presentation at any level: classroom, school, city, federal.

Children and their parents will also be able to share portfolio materials using instant messengers, e-mail or social networks in the form document link or QR code. In addition, the service has the ability to save the portfolio as a PDF file. More detailed information about it can be found on the project website.

The MES Diary mobile application is one of the main services of the Moscow Electronic School project, developed by the Information Technology Department in cooperation with the Moscow City Department of Education and Science. The application provides all information about the curriculum for the whole academic year, the time of classes and rest, the lesson schedule, data on progress, upcoming tests, homework assignments and comments from teachers.

You can download the application in the App Store and Google Play. It is available only to registered users of the portal, and now all you have to do is enter your PIN to log in.



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