Russian fans shamed Klebo, who withdrew from the World Cup race due to frost

Russian fans about Klebo's withdrawal from the race due to the frost: poor thing, nozzles started flowing

Johannes Klebo. They left a lot of comments under Klebo's Instagram post, where he announced his withdrawal from the pursuit race at the World Cup stage in Ruka due to frost.

“Poor. The nozzles started flowing “,” And if the whole winter will be frosty? ” Even the Italians were running the race! And even more so Norwegian girls! ” – fans shamed the leader of the Norwegian national team.

Users also noticed that in Russia, children up to the fifth grade go to school if the temperature is at least 25 degrees, and were surprised that frost was a good reason for an athlete from Norway to skip race.

As a result of the pursuit race, Russian skiers took the entire podium. Gold was won by Alexander Bolshunov, silver by Sergei Ustyugov, and bronze by Artem Maltsev.