Roskosmos has accelerated the production of satellite integrated circuits tenfold

RKS: the production of schemes for satellite data transmission systems was accelerated ten times production of integrated circuits for satellite data transmission systems, Roscosmos reports.

“The minimum manufacturing cycle for new monolithic microwave integrated circuits of our own design is now three to five months versus five years that were previously required to complete the entire chain – from R&D to third party production in a factory. The difference is ten times, “- said Andrey Buyankin, head of the RCS department for the development of onboard microwave (microwave) devices.

According to him,” the manufacture of its components will reduce the company's production costs by two to three times. ” >

In July, Roscosmos said that in the future, the positioning error of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) could be reduced fifty times. According to the head of the department of ground navigation and information systems and complexes of the RKS Vitaly Sernov, the satellite radio navigation systems GLONASS and the Global Positioning System (GPS) “provide a positioning error within five meters and are suitable for the navigation requirements of a large number of users,” however, “the high-precision complex developed by RKS wide-area functional addition to global navigation satellite systems can significantly increase the efficiency of GLONASS navigation services. ”