Avito became the leader in the rating of shopping applications from App Annie

App Annie rating: Avito is ahead of AliExpress, Wildberries, OZON, Youla, Auto.ru

At the end of October 2021, Avito's app outperformed its competitors in several ratings of shopping apps presented by the world's leading provider of data and analytics for the mobile market, App Annie. Avito's leadership is recorded over the popular applications AliExpress, Wildberries, OZON, Youla, Auto.ru and a number of others in terms of the number of active users per month, the total number of user sessions, and the time spent by users in the application.

< p>“Today Avito is a popular and favorite way of online shopping for most Russians, where everyone can find everything they can imagine for themselves – from an assortment of new products as in traditional marketplaces to unique things, which, except for Avito. cannot be found anywhere. People also come to the platform to check the availability and cost of the item they want. As the saying goes: is there not on “Avito”, then there is nowhere. And nowhere is it more profitable than on Avito, – said Igor Makarov, director of commerce and marketing of Avito. “In addition, we are witnessing a steadily growing trend towards” reasonable “consumption, when people like to give a second life to things and feel their contribution to reducing the burden on the environment. This idea, in principle, is sewn into the DNA of our company at birth. ”

Despite the fact that Avito took fourth place in the rating by the number of new downloads in October 2021, the service became the leader in the total number of all installations on mobile devices for the entire period, overtaking popular marketplaces and services.

App Annie ranked apps for individual stores, marketplaces, grocery deliveries, and other similar services. As a result, an unusual trend emerged, with social marketplaces overtaking traditional store apps.

On the eve of Black Friday, Avito analysts also revealed an additional surge in user activity. Consumers began to prepare for the New Year holidays and look for gifts for their loved ones.

“In the fall, the season of business activity is gaining momentum, people not only make small purchases, but also make more serious transactions – they are looking for employers, sell and buy cars, someone moves to a new apartment and makes repairs on the eve of the New Year. In this sense, Avito is a unique resource where you can do everything at once, “the research results commented in Avito.

Currently, two directions are vigorously developing and growing on the Avito platform: how proposals from private sellers and the sale of new goods – more and more commercial organizations are registered on the platform – both large companies and representatives of medium and small businesses that produce quality items that successfully compete with the products of well-known brands, the company noted.

< p>The company develops Avito Delivery throughout Russia, which has become one of the factors in the growth of user activity indicators in the application. The active development of Avito Delivery allows a lot of Russian customers to buy things not only in their region, but also in any other constituent entity of the federation through a secure transaction on the company's platform. The longest delivery in October was a package from Simferopol to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In the near future, the company will add the ability to verify an account using the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA), through which the State Services portal is entered.

“Ensuring the quality of content and security in the online environment is an important task of the company as the largest in Russia classified, where every month about 50 million Russians communicate and study various offers about goods, services, jobs, cars and real estate. Every day on “Avito” about 5 million ads are moderated and about 600-700 thousand new ones are posted, “Avito stressed.