Retro trains to be launched in Ivanovo region

In December, tourist retro-trains will be launched from Ivanovo to Shuya

At the end of December this year, tourist retro trains will be launched from Ivanovo to Shuya. They will deliver travelers to the Russian Christmas festival. This is reported by TASS with reference to Mikhail Denezhkin, a representative of the Center for Tourism and Hospitality Development of the Ivanovo Region.

He said that a festive fair will take place on the central square of Shuya on January 25-26. Two trains with tourists will arrive for this event. Then these retro trains will be used to transport guests of the Russian Christmas festival.

According to Denezhkin, exhibitions about the history of Christmas celebrations in Russia will open at the stations in Ivanovo and Shuya. In addition, a special design code was developed for the holiday: the city will be decorated with Christmas trees in a retro style, and wooden slides will be mounted for children.

It is noted that the Russian Christmas festival has been held in Shuya since 2019. Denezhkin stressed that last year the event was attended by 100 thousand people. This year, the city is expecting even more tourists.