Lukashenko ordered the army to prepare a plan in case of NATO aggression

President of Belarus Lukashenko instructed the army to prepare a response in case of NATO aggression against the country. To this end, Lukashenka convened a meeting on military security issues at the country's defense ministry. BelTA informs about it.

“Plans for any of their actions (external aggressors, whom Lukashenka considers NATO and Poland – comment of ), the plans of our counteraction must be. We have every opportunity to keep our nose downwind, as the people say, and react to their every movement with a weapon. This is the purpose of our today's event, ”the president said to the military. Lukashenko several times previously drew attention to the accumulation of NATO armed forces, including tanks and armored vehicles, near the western borders of Belarus.

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Lukashenko is sure that the Belarusian army has the potential for a prompt armed response. According to the president, Belarus has a sufficient number of units that can be deployed anywhere in the country within three hours. At the same time, Lukashenka does not intend to deploy additional forces now.

“We are not deploying – I did not give such instructions – our Armed Forces grouping. But we must see. And foresee everything. So that we do not have a war on the border there, and we will not be ready for this, ”the Belarusian leader said. He also added that many Belarusians remember the consequences of World War II, and therefore do not want new military conflicts.

Earlier, Lukashenka spoke about the bodies of migrants “thrown” into Belarusian territory. In his opinion, the dead refugees are being thrown across the border by the Lithuanian security forces.