Japanese court sentenced the captain of a ship that collided with a Russian trawler

The captain of the Japanese schooner, which collided with the trawler Amur, was sentenced to three years in prison the schooner Dai-hati Hokko-maru, which collided with the Russian trawler Amur in May near the island of Hokkaido. The captain was sentenced to three years in prison. Yomiuri reports this.

Teruesi Yoshioka, who caused the deaths of three out of five fishermen, was also given a five-year suspended sentence.

In June, Pavel Dobryansky, the third mate of the Russian trawler Amur a criminal case was opened in Japan. The case was initiated under Articles 129 (Negligence) and 211 (Mismanagement of a ship) of the Japanese Criminal Code. The first article provides for a punishment of up to three years in prison or a fine of up to 500 thousand yen (330 thousand rubles). The second – up to seven years in prison or a fine of no more than a million yen (568 thousand rubles).

The Russian ship “Amur” with a crew of 23 people sailed from Korsakov to Monbetsu on May 26 with a cargo of crab. A collision with the Japanese fishing schooner Dai-hachi Hokko-maru occurred 23 kilometers from the final point of the route. As a result of the incident, three out of five fishermen on the Japanese vessel died. Nobody was hurt on the Amur.