In the Netherlands, a couple escaped from a quarantine hotel and was caught by the police

BBC News: Dutch police arrested a couple who escaped from a quarantine hotel

the Kennemerland region, where they were placed after testing positive for coronavirus. This is reported by BBC News.

According to the newspaper, the couple was caught by law enforcement officers at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. The citizens were already sitting on the plane that was supposed to fly to Spain. They arrived in the Netherlands from the Republic of South Africa (South Africa), after which they were diagnosed with a coronavirus. It is noted that the fugitives may be prosecuted for violating the isolation rules when infected with COVID-19.

Earlier it became known that at least 13 citizens who arrived in the Netherlands from South Africa were diagnosed with a new omicron strain of coronavirus. In total, the authorities checked 642 passengers. According to the test results, COVID-19 was detected in 61 of them. All infected are in isolation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) assessed the likelihood of the spread of the omicron-strain of coronavirus at the global level as high. Experts did not rule out the serious consequences of potential outbreaks of the disease, which will depend on the characteristics of the new variant of the virus.



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