Russians warned of new Black Friday scam scheme

Softline: the number of fake online stores on Black Friday increased by 30 percent

During the Black Friday discounts Russians began to face an increase in the activity of fraudsters and the emergence of new criminal schemes. The Russians were warned about this by Alexander Dvoryansky, director of strategic communications at Infosecurity a Softline company, quoted by Kommersant.

In particular, cybercriminals have begun to actively create fake marketplace sites and take customers into chats. According to Dvoryansky's calculations, over 500 links to fake marketplaces were identified and blocked over the past month. Overall, the number of fake online stores increased by 30 percent.

On such a site, the buyer is informed that to receive a discount, you need to contact the chat in the WhatsApp messenger. There a payment link is generated for the victim. “If you pay on the site itself, the attackers will have to copy the entire site, which is completely unprofitable given the fact that phishing sites last no more than 48 hours,” Dvoryansky explained.

In addition, on social networks Russians complained about a similar scheme, but using the Viber messenger and the phishing site Ozon. Also, the activation of clones of sites and various fraudulent mailings was noticed in the Wildberries online store.

At the same time, the co-founder of the StopPhish project Yuri Drugach clarified that the scheme itself has existed for a long time and is most popular on message boards. However, the mechanism when fraudsters offer discounts when switching to chat, according to the expert, is encountered for the first time.

Previously, analysts at the cybersecurity company Zecurion said that the amount of money stolen on the days of sales could reach 300 million rubles. According to the head of the company, Vladimir Ulyanov, 64 percent of Russians plan to participate in the actions, which makes it possible to disguise the fraudulent offer as a real one. He noted that users often become inattentive in pursuit of a bargain price.



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