Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine made missile strikes on Russia

Former Foreign Minister of Ukraine announced the possibility of “reaching” Russian cities with missiles

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko in an interview with “5 channel “made missile strikes on Russia in the event of a large-scale conflict between the two countries.

According to the ex-Foreign Minister, Kiev should look for counterarguments that could” cool heads in Moscow. “

“You know, war is like war. If we are threatened with blows to our infrastructure, so can we. And if today we do not have the opportunity to reach Moscow with missile weapons, then there is an opportunity to reach other Russian cities that are within the reach of the Ukrainian missile forces, “he said.

In recent weeks, statements have been made in Kiev and in the West that Russia is preparing military aggression against Ukraine. The Kremlin emphasizes that there are no such plans.